Most Chinese gay men are willing to go the extra mile to show their partner just how wild they can really get. For these gay men, wearing things like the items you can find on is more about letting their true selves shine than it is about anything else. There are only so many ways that you can really show your partner what kind of person you are, and wearing erotic items is a very good one to choose. This allows your partner to see who you are in your most intimate moments and that is something very special.

Now, there might be some Asian men out there that think there are a bit too small to be wearing some of these items. It's one of those racial aspects that everyone seems to consider when they think of Chinese men, in general. But not all Chinese men are small in stature. In fact, some of them are fairly large and they may even think that they can't wear something like these items and remain in the item itself. The good news is that items will be able to handle any size you might have.

There are few things that most men won't do to enjoy themselves and wearing items from is definitely something that they will enjoy. Now, there are some things that any gay man would need to consider when looking for that perfect erotic item. The first thing you have to look for is something that you are going to be willing to actually wear. Looking at some items on a website and thinking they would look good on you and actually wearing them are two entirely different things. You need to be able to feel comfortable when you have it on in order to get something out of it.

The next thing that you are going to need to understand is that most gay men that wear items like these are actually out there living their lives to the fullest. While you may think that you are living your life to the best of your ability, the real truth is that you could be doing so much more. You could be meeting new and interesting people and enjoying every single minute you are wearing some of these items from Koala.

Of course, the most important thing that most gay men realize about wearing items from sites like is that you can't just purchase one and be done with it. There are people all over the world that find tattoos to be highly addictive and will strive to get more of them. There are also guys that will purchase an item from a site like and will do everything they can to make sure they are able to purchase even more of them every chance they get. The good news is that Koala has some of the best possible prices for their items.

Any Chinese men that would spend an arm and a leg for something that they might only wear a couple of times a month should be looking into to see what they have available. Now, you may think that the more money you spend on something like this the better the quality is going to be, but the truth is that you can have the quality you expect from expensive items without having to pay those prices. You see, there is a lot of quality to be had in all things if you know where to look.

Granted, quality isn't everything when it comes to wearing items that men would wear, but it sure does help. You can always find something that is made of high quality without having to worry about paying a high price, but you never know exactly what you are going to get. You see, there are a lot of sites on the Internet that will tell you that you are getting specially designed items even when they show you a picture of what they promise they are selling. The problem usually arises because their items are created overseas and usually mass produced.

Now, gay men will probably want to purchase something made from their actual country of origin, but they can do a lot better if they are shopping from a site like These items will give you an opportunity to see exactly what craftsmanship should be like. This isn't the craftsmanship that you can find in any retail store that you may happen to pass; instead, it will be the type of craftsmanship that you would have expected from a centuries old wood worker creating the most exquisite piece of furniture you have ever seen.

Of course, it's not really fair to compare Asian gay men swimwear to furniture or anything, but the amount of craftsmanship that you can get out of things these days is pretty much limited to the ability of the production line they are created on. The swimwear from isn't ever created on a production line and that means you are getting that handmade craftsmanship that you are looking for. Of course, in order to truly understand the aspects behind the quality that you can get from, you will actually have to pick something out and try wearing it around your home.

Believe it or not, picking out the right  men's swimwear for yourself doesn’t have to be all that difficult for you. You can easily click through a couple of pages and find something that you enjoy looking at, but wearing these items are going to be infinitely different than what you are used to wearing. These items are going to show you things about yourself that you never knew about before and in ways that you could never have guessed possible. You will just have to try them out and see what kind of feelings you will get from having something like this against your skin.

How many times have you seen Chinese boys out in the clubs having fun and looking like they are greatly enjoying their lives? If you haven’t seen any, then you haven’t been going to the right clubs. You see, these men are having so much fun because they are wearing items under their clothing that makes them feel good about who they are and the lifestyle they live. It might be difficult for you to understand that, especially if you are straight, but wearing erotic items from gives you that boost in confidence that you need to turn your life around for the better.

That doesn’t mean that all the Chinese gay men in the world are party animals that wear nothing but erotic items under their clothing all the time, but it does mean that the ones wearing them are out there enjoying their lives. They know what they want to have in life, and they are willing to do what is needed in order to make those things happen. If you need a boost of confidence, then maybe you should start looking into the erotic items from to see what they can do for your life.

There is nothing wrong with gay men having fun. In fact, there is nothing wrong with any man that wants to have fun, but it's how you handle that fun that makes the difference. If you are having fun by lying out on the beach, then you should be wearing something that will allow you to do that. You aren't going to want anything overly erotic if you are on a public beach, but erotic enough to give you a feeling of adventure while you are wearing them in front of everyone.

Like other Chinese gay men in the world, you will want to make sure that the items you are wearing from will allow you to enjoy yourself without making anyone else around you uncomfortable. But in the bedroom, you are going to want to wear something that is going to show your partner that you are fun in a very serious manner. That is where the more erotic options will come in very handy for you. But you have to realize that those intensely erotic options are going to be a bit different from any traditional fetish or erotic wear that you might be used to wearing.

Think about all the items you have in your closet and which ones those sexy Asian men  would be willing to wear around their partners. Now, you may find that you have some items that any gay man out there would love to own and you may find some items that you are even wondering why you purchased. When you purchase items from, you will know the exact reason why you purchased them, and you will want to wear them every single chance you get.

You aren't going to find any Chinese gay men wearing items from the local retail stores. These items are created to make the people that buy them look just like everyone else. They have no concept of individuality in mind when they create items like this, but that is something you will never have to go through with Being yourself is the only way that you are ever going to be truly happy, and these items are allowing you to do just that in the easiest way possible. Have you ever seen another man wearing the same items that you see on their website?

That focus on individuality is what makes gay men swimwear such a great idea for any man willing to try something a bit different. You don’t even have to be gay in order to wear these items, and you will be able to feel that individuality that you have been looking for. It's quite interesting to note that most of the guys that try on their first pair of erotic items from will want to continue to wear them for as long as they possibly can. But at such reasonable prices, you could have multiple styles to choose from for the rest of your natural life.

You will soon notice that all the Chinese men that are wearing items from are much more likely to be friendly than the ones that aren't. When you are wearing items that you are comfortable in on a daily basis, it means that you will be more likely to get along with the people around you. That means that you will tend to talk to people no matter what might be happening in your life or theirs. Could you imagine being happier in your life by simply wearing a new pair of swimwear?

What would it be like for you to find out that most hot gay men are the happiest men on the planet? Now, what would it be like if you found out that the only reason they are this happy is because of the swimwear they were wearing at that time and the fact that they had purchased them from If that isn't enough to get you to their site and have a look around, then the models wearing all of their items should do the trick just fine for you. Remember that you are there for the swimwear and not the pictures alone.

Whatever it takes for hot gay men to be happy is the same thing you should be focusing on right now. If going out to clubs makes you happy, then that is something you should do as long as you are wearing something sexy under your clothes. If going out to the beach in order to relax in the sun makes you happy, then that is something you should probably start looking into doing with swimwear as well. Whatever it is that makes you happy is what you need to focus your new swimwear on as often as possible. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it; just try them out and see for yourself what you

Chinese Gay Men in the Band


I’ve been seeing him quite often the past couple of months. I have been frequenting this bar where he and his band plays good music. There are times wherein I really love what I’m hearing but other times, I feel more in the mood to just drink a glass of beer and be silent. I don’t have much time to be quiet and be on my own that’s why whenever I have the chance, I really take great advantage of it.


A few weeks ago, when I went to that bar when Chinese gay men play music, I saw him again. He was playing an upbeat song that I know was sung by a teenage girl somewhere in Canada. The title of the song is Call Me Maybe and I’ve heard it too many times to still be intrigued by it. With this, I ordered my usual favorite and stayed on the table where I usually stay when I am at this bar.


As I was listening to the music his band was playing, I decided to look at him in attempt to analyze his features. He looks really nice with a slender figure and very paper-think skin that’s as white as snow. Okay, maybe comparing his skin to snow is not really a good idea but nevertheless, he really looks over gorgeous.


If you close your eyes and just listen to his voice, you would think that he’s just like any other typical American. He doesn’t have a strong accent, at least that’s what I’ve figured when he’s singing. But his eyes tell me that he’s not from here. Maybe he’s on tour, or maybe he’s a citizen who is born from an Asian family. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I am not really one to be so fond and attracted to guys that are not Western in terms of their features. But this Chinese gay men from this band is really different.


I knew for a fact that he wouldn’t notice me because there’s just a lot of people in the bar that night so I closed my eyes as I drank my glass of beer and listened to his voice as carefully as possible. Somehow it reminded me of this other guy that I dated, the one I was with for years, the one that mattered, the one that  I could not forget. That guy is long gone but here I am still stuck on what ifs and what could have been’s in my life if we’re still together.


Still with eyes closed, I listened as he announces a new song that they will be playing. He uttered rather loudly that the next song is a request from one of the other guests in the bar listening to their band play. So yeah, the song is quite typical of the younger generations and I appreciate it yes, but I was hoping for something a little bit more mellow.

While he was speaking, I suddenly opened my eyes and looked at his direction and immediately saw him stare blankly at me. I was surprised to see him looking at me in the eye that I felt my cheeks turn red and I felt my body get a little hotter than usual. You know the kind of feeling you get when you’re blushing? That’s exactly how I felt. I was a little ashamed of this moment too.


But whatever,  I figured you can never really be too ashamed over someone you don’t really know and it’s not like we know each other. But his mysterious self intrigued far more now that he noticed me compared to when he really didn’t. I wondered, is this even the first time he gazed at my direction or was I simply too immersed in myself that I didn’t notice the signals he was already giving me?


He started singing his song and this time around only the guitarist and the bassist accompanied his rendition of Stereo Hearts. I must say that this one of my most favorite songs and I don’t have any plans of not listening to this. I am amazed at how nice his voice is. It has become even more evident now that there’s very few backgrounds playing with him.


I swear to God while he was singing the song I really saw him glance at my direction time and time again as if in an attempt to tell me that he’s singing every single lyric of the song especially for me. I didn’t know that Chinese gay men have the capacity to be such a charmer because I usually think that they are the strictest guys around the world considering their background and ancestry. But this vocalist is really different. Makes me think that maybe he’s someone who was born to Asian parents but grew up here where the world is a little more open than the rest of the globe.


I seriously felt sparks fly by every time he looks at my direction. This is the first time in months that I have been feeling this way. In fact, there was even a time in my life when I used to think that I can no longer feel anything too cheesy and sweet because I have grown cynical because of my previous break up. But I guess I am wrong. I am wrong when it comes to so many things but I am pleased to have been given the chance to make things better this time around.


So while he was singing those words for me, I looked straight into his eyes several times. I wanted to make him feel and understand the unspoken languages that were currently taking place in between us. There’s something great and mysterious about this distance we’ve created. Yes, we both know that we both exist now in each other’s lives that way we were looking at each other but that ‘s just it. I think we’re heading forward to more better things but I don’t want to be too sure about it just yet.


His song ended and the whole band announced that they will have a 15 minute break and as soon as this happened, I turned my back away from the stage and decided to mind my own business all over again by finishing my now half full glass of beer.


Call me assuming or what but I actually kind of sensed that he’s going to approach me within this 15 minute break of his and the idea thrilled me to the core. Of course, I didn’t want to really expect for anything much to happen because I don’t want to end up feeling a little too sad and disappointed than usual.


About 5 minutes have gone by and I noticed that someone was actually walking towards me. It wasn’t only him though, it was the entire band, the entire group of Chinese gay men I assumed are Chinese and assumed are gay as well. Who am I to even assume that? Who am I to even think and confirm my own assumptions that these guys are Chinese because their eyes are too small and that they are gay because the vocalist was looking at me.


And so the moment of truth happened. The vocalist of the band approached me with the entire band members in tow and without a doubt said hi to me rather casually. He mentioned that I look familiar perhaps because he’s been seeing me in the same bar, at the same table, drinking the same beer for several months now. What a great observer this guy is but I think even if you aren’t if you see me too often, then I will be a little difficult to forget.


I said hi very casually at him and the rest of the band members as they were introduced to me one by one. The vocalist’s name is Jake and he asked me if I would like to request any song for him. Before I did, I couldn’t really help myself from asking what his nationality is and I kind of had the urge to know and I guess I am right because he said that he’s Chinese by descent but has been living in the United States for more than half of his life.


I handed him a pieces of tissue paper with my song listed on it. I requested for the song  Payphone by Maroon 5 because I have fallen in love with the lyrics and the meaning of the song. I have loved Maroon5 all of my life and I am excited to hear his take on this one. But before these Chinese gay men sang my song, Jake introduced the piece that he was about to sing.


I am quite surprised at how he did it considering the fact that he never really mentions the name of the person that requests music from their band but he did mention mine. I felt a little too special and quite giddy and forgot that I am no longer a teenager but a 25 year old yuppie working for a huge company. It just so happened that I’ve lost my fight in life.


As Jake and the other Chinese gay men started singing the song, I closed my eyes rather slowly trying to feel its message. I know that this around the song would become even more meaningful because of the fact that Jake is the one singing it. Maybe this will be the best time for me to finally forget about the bitterness that my past has brought upon me and move forward towards the future. After all, I deserve to be loved, don’t I?


When he finished singing the song Payphone, I decided to stay a little longer until after they finish their gig because I want to thank him personally and I no longer want to wait for the next gig to talk to him again.


After the Chinese gay men left the stage and bid their audience goodbye, I pretended to not have been waiting for them because I don’t want to look desperate. I was waiting for a sign as to whether or not he will be approaching me again or he would simply go forth and leave the bar without saying goodbye to me.


After they’ve packed all their equipments and when he was finally ready to go, Jake approached me but I am sure he knows that I was expecting it to happen anyway so it wasn’t as exciting as the first time. He said that he will be leaving already but would like to keep in touch. He asked for my number and all the other details I have on various social networking sites. I obliged as he asked me to because I am really interested with this person.


He mentioned something about an after gig thing that he will be doing with the rest of this Chinese gay men friends and he gave me an address that he wanted me to go to and check out. I was a bit hesitant as to whether or not I will do it but felt that my intensity at getting to know this person is much stronger than anything else.


He left ahead of me because he said he’s in a hurry and it was fine.  I decided to wait a few more minutes before I left the bar because I wanted to make sure that I will no longer accept his invite because I am not sure of what to expect while I’m there. But just after a few minutes after he left, I received a text message on my phone from him reminding me that this night will change my life. The thought is really exciting and I decided to go to his place to get to know him better. And while I was there, everything changed. Everything got better than what it already was.

Chinese gay men

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Men's swimwear

One thing that Asian gay men know about is having fun. They spend so much of their time working hard that when it comes time to go out and party, things can really get wild. When they finally get the chance to let loose, most of them will be wearing the latest fashions from A lot of gay men, from all over the world, go to this website to purchase clothing and swimwear that they can really get involved with. They know that wearing the latest fashions will give them the attention they are looking for as well.

If you hang out with Chinese men, then you know how important it is for them to be noticed when they go out in public. You will also know that the wilder the swimsuit is, the happier they will become. There are many gay men out there that would love to be able to walk around in something as erotic as what has to offer, and that is why they all seem to head over to that website when they are in the mood to browse, and there is good reason for that, too. has a rather large variety of options for all gay men, even gay men. In fact, they have one of the largest selections of erotic swimwear for men compared to any online site. While there are plenty of sites out there that can cater to the needs of Chinese gay men, only will give you the guarantee that you are getting the best items. They specifically try on and use every item they sell so that you are sure what they are selling will fit you and never let you down like other sites have a tendency to do.

All hot men know that having erotic swimwear creates adventure in your life. If you are one of those guys that is always bored and never actually goes out anymore, then you need to find the knowledge that those sexy gay men have. Go to and find something really erotic that you can wear, even around the house, and find out what adventures you can get involved in. There are plenty of reasons to wear these types of swimsuits, and the styles that you choose will help determine what your reasons are.

You can choose from extremely erotic swimwear or you can go a more conservative route and pick out something that you can wear on a public beach. Most loving gay men will go for something a bit racier so they can have some fun private time with their partners. Of course, you can go that route, too, and if you do choose to do that, then you should make sure that your partner participates in the search with you. This will make it much more enjoyable for both of you and a lot more exciting once your package arrives in the mail.

A lot of men love walking around their homes wearing nothing but hot skimpy clothing. The best thing about is that they give you all the skimpy items you could ever want. They even have some really awesome accessories that you can wear along with your swimwear that will blow your mind. This is why it’s important to let yourself have a little bit of enjoyment in your life from time to time. There is no reason why you should have to live your life like you have been over the last few years. Go out and have some fun like all those gay men like to do.

When it comes to picking out your special erotic swimwear that men love to wear, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The first thing you need to do is find a pair that will fit you properly. Buying something that is too small or one that is too big could cause you all kinds of problems when you decide to wear them outside. Just think of how embarrassing it could be if you were wearing an erotic Asian gay men swimsuit and they suddenly decided to fall down around your ankles.

Of course, there comes a time when what you need is not to be shown to the public. When these times arise, Sexy gay men know that the sexier the swimsuit the better the playtime is going to be. This is the perfect time to try out some of the naughtier items that has to offer. These are the styles that you are going to want to wear when you are planning your very special dates with your loved one.

These special moments can be very fun when you are wearing swimsuits that have a more erotic feel to them. Chinese  men, like other gay men, often choose to spice up their sex lives by wearing something that is erotic in the bedroom. Not only will it make your bedroom a bit hotter, but it will also give you the opportunity to do something you may have always wanted to do, but your partner might not have been as interested in it. How amazing would it be to wear a product that turns your partner on enough to make them want to try new things with you in the bedroom?

Few things in life can give you the entertainment and self-confidence that wearing erotic items can. Even hot gay men know that has the kind of items that can turn a dead end relationship completely around. By wearing something from their long line of products, you will almost be guaranteed a fresh new start in your relationship and that is something you just can't put a price on. With prospects like that, you have to ask yourself why you haven’t been to yet to pick something out for you and your partner.

Even if you have plenty of items in your closet that will bring the sexual level up a bit, has much more to offer you than just clothing. Chinese gay men know that you can't have an exciting sexual life without having some accessories and toys around you. Go over to their website and find something that will go well with your new erotic swimwear, and see what it’s like to live the life you have always wanted. There is no stopping you when you have a complete arsenal of love making apparatuses to use, and gives you everything you could ever need.

If you don’t have a partner, but you are actively looking, then do what other gay men like to do; go to a private party wearing nothing but one of the items offered at You are sure to find a small group of men there that will be more than willing to start up a conversation with you simply because you are wearing something erotic. Just think of how much attention you will end up getting by wearing something that no one else at the party is even going to know exists? That could be you if you purchase something from tonight.

There is no reason why erotic gay men can't have everything they ever wanted in their lives and there is no reason why you can't, either. If you want something changed in your life, then you need to make the first step in having it happen. Going to can be that first step that changes your life forever in ways you never dreamt of being possible before. All you have to do is prepare yourself to make it happen, and you will end up having the best opportunities you have ever seen, fall into your lap.

If there was ever a time for tiny cock men to stand up and take pride in who they are, that time is now. You need to go to before it’s too late, and pick out something that tells the world who you are on the inside. By showing off everything that you have to offer, you are, in fact, making people accept you no matter what. wants you to be comfortable with the person you are, and they want you to be able to show the people around you that you are comfortable.

This is why gay men prefer to shop for all of their erotic clothing options with They know that this site wants them to be happy with their chosen lifestyle and, if having erotic swimwear and accessories makes them happy, then they will offer it. No other site online cares about its customers as much as does. In fact, all those other sites care about is how much profit they can make in a single day and, while that may be good for business in an accounting sort of way, it doesn’t make their customers come back to purchase more items from their site. wants more loyal customers and the only way that can happen is if they are loyal first.

Since the swimwear boom of 2003, men seem to have a hankering for unique and alternative swimwear. I import swimwear from all over the world, catering mainly to Chinese men who have a passion for swim fashion and who were the first in China to jump on the alternative swimwear bandwagon.

It’s easy to plot the trend. A decade ago, Asian gay men were only interested in the regular, run of the mill boring swimwear styles, such as board shorts and Speedos. Personally, I can’t abide board shorts. I didn’t mind when they first appeared, as it was nice to have an alternative type of swimsuit to wear to the pool or the beach, but they soon became the default swimwear of choice for anyone who couldn’t be bothered to think about what to wear or didn’t care how they looked as long as their bodies were covered. Board shorts were invented for surfers who didn’t want to get stuck to their own surf boards by the sticky wax they used to keep the boards clean, but for most other kinds of beach or poolside activities they’re practically useless. Who wants a warm golden tan when everything from your hips to your knees is a pasty white? Sometimes I agree that there’s a time to leave something to the imagination, but not with swimwear. All board shorts do is make guys look shapeless and baggy.

The alternative swimwear craze started out with bikini style bottoms, which men liked because they weren’t too dissimilar from Speedos. They say that people like what they already know, and because the harmless bikini bottoms were just a little bit skimpier at the front and back, they weren’t very intimidating. Any guy who wanted to flash some flesh at the beach or get a slightly better tan could opt for the bikini bottoms. Even better bikini style swimwear for men have always been a special choice of my own because they make the asses of gay men look great, as if they’re being cupped by tiny Lycra hands!

Of course, with swimwear, the sky is the limit. Lately it’s become just as important to be fashionable on the beach as on the streets, and more of a challenge. Some Chinese gay men take it upon themselves to be as daring and minimalist as possible, choosing swimwear that flaunts the rules of public decency and exposure, and some cross that line altogether.

For the law abiding swimwear fashion fan, there are plenty of swimwear combinations that cover the bare minimum and leave nothing to the imagination, but won’t get you arrested. The ‘Work That Cock Bikini’ is perfect for men with a smaller package. There’s absolutely nothing to hide if you’ve got a small dick, but there are still those guys who want to add a few inches and look bigger without taking any serious enlargement steps and this bikini is a great way to do that. The front has a tiny pouch that gently cups your cock and balls. It’s secured in place by a tiny string waist that you assume will have a thong back but opens out into a bikini bottom. The size of the pouch is what makes your dick look bigger, because it’s simply so small that there’s a magical optical illusion at work!

Alternatively, there’s the ‘Slut Crazy’ swimsuit, which walks a thin line between decent and obscene. This is the best suit you can find anywhere if you want to tan without lines but you’re in public and can’t afford to sunbathe nude, and Asian gay men absolutely love it, making it one of my bestsellers. A black pouch covers the genitals, with side straps that rise up in a ‘v’, cross the hips and then curve down to a G-string between the butt cheeks. The key with the Slut Crazy swimsuit is that it doesn’t look like it should stay on, but the side straps are completely adjustable. You can make it fit your body, no matter what shape it is, and it can be as tight or loose as you want. I believe that Chinese gay men are so fond of this one because it looks great when it’s on, and is literally one step away from being naked. Also, because of the design, swimmers have to shave their pubic region to be completely hairless, which is a sexy look that is popular with Chinese gay men.

For private pool parties or for those hot gay men who are happy to wear skimpy and revealing swimwear on the beach, there’s the ‘Cream Stick’.  This is definitely not for the faint of heart – if the inbuilt steel cock ring that keeps your erection firm and juicy isn’t enough to catch your attention, the sheer, transparent silver material should be. It’s designed to perfectly fit around an erect penis, hugging the shaft and balls and narrowing to a G-string back to the swimsuit. This is the sort of swimwear that if you saw someone wearing it on the beach, you couldn’t help but look twice. With your dick sticking straight out in front of you, a second look would reveal the clear material, and a third the attractive silver cock ring nestled around the shaft!

Trust me, while this is a popular swimsuit, you won’t see that many  gay men (or straight men) wearing it on the beach. It’s better suited to private functions, or even to wear as kinky underwear, perhaps just for the feeling of the material on your skin and the restraint of the cock ring. Sometimes I slip into some of my more revealing micro swimwear when I have a ‘guest’ I want to entertain, when I want to spice up proceedings a little. I’ve never encountered a gay guy who wasn’t instantly aroused by the sight of micro swimwear and the way that it reveals the male body. Usually it’s not long after revealing it that it gets ripped off my body!

Although I enjoy my work of distributing alternative swimwear to men, I wouldn’t say that the Chinese are leading the fashion trend in swimwear for men. We’re usually a quite reserved people, and while you now occasionally see gay men wearing micro swimwear on the beaches of China, it’s not a hugely common sight. In Europe and America, I know that they’ve really harnessed the micro swimwear trend, managing to design some truly beautiful swimwear and slimming down to the absolute bare minimum of material you can wear on a public beach without getting arrested. For all I know, there might be people over there who have a degree in swimsuit engineering, because whenever I travel to the states I find another exciting and unique design that not only shows off your body but looks absolutely stunning. There are some pieces of swimwear that I can’t look at without getting hard – right now if I close my eyes and think of some of the outfits I’ve seen on the beaches of California it’s difficult not to get aroused from the memory alone!

However, although sexy gay men aren’t at the forefront of groundbreaking and sexy swimwear for men, don’t write us off altogether. Recently I’ve seen a surge in businesses based in china that are branching out and widening their swimwear range to include more daring and dramatic designs. Hopefully, the days of Speedos and board shorts being your only choice are long gone. Bring on the era of tiny pouches, shaved pubic regions, scantily clad erections and thin string backs to swimwear, because the male body doesn’t deserve to be hidden away!